Lulu Bell: Peri Penguen eBook indir bedava

Lulu Bell: Peri Penguen eBook indir bedava

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Lulu Bell: Peri Penguen


Penny’s life is nothing short of complicated; a boyfriend who is controlling and abusive, a younger sibling who’s doted on, close to no friends, parents who barely recognize her existence and more. Obviously the logical decision is to fake her own kidnapping and fly across the country to safer grounds all while leaving only one clue, “I did it.” What Lillian never expected was that Penny would leave this unassuming voice mail on her phone, because though they were acquaintances Lillian wouldn’t consider Penny a close friend. What happens from there is a cross country journey that changes not only Penny’s life, but Lillian’s as well as she determines whether her crush on long time friend Josh is something more. First off, I love the concept of this book! It’s one thing to go on a cross-country trip, especially when anticipating change, but it’s another to do it in search of a friend who may or may not be there when you arrive at your destination. Of course that wasn’t the only reason Lillian made the suggestion to her long-time friend, Josh, but it’s definitely a starting point. The relationship that comes to the forefront during their random stops at the Cheese Castle, Doll Museum, Corn Palace and more is the part of the story that comes alive as you’re reading the story. What happens as the story progresses isn’t the typical “happily ever after” love story between two childhood sweethearts, it still could be but I love that it’s just a bit open to possibilities toward the end. This absolutely made it more feasible in my mind and added to the appeal of the concept in the book. Lillian and Josh’s relationship is complicated and messy. It’s the standard, “I don’t want to ruin our friendship” hesitation on both of their parts and it’s the overcoming of that that makes things even more interesting. I’d absolutely say I loved Josh, he wasn’t the normal guy who backs away at Lillian’s first attempts at this new potential relationship. He’s hesitant, but not opposed and quite a bit of that has to do with his relationship with his father. Overall though, I thoroughly enjoyed Lillian and Josh’s storyline, including all the random places they stop on their road trip. What’s potentially more important than the fun romantic road trip Lillian and Josh is the back story you get along their journey about Penny. Her relationship with her boyfriend at home is not only difficult but abusive. In her case because of a lack of interest on her parents & friends part she felt the only solution was to run away, which is incredibly sad. I’d absolutely hope I wouldn’t be as clueless as her parents were about her situation. Perfect summer reading that won’t have you snoring by the pool. Yes, this is definitely a fantastic Chick Lit read filled with fun & romantic possibilities, but it also has some more complicated & thought provoking undertones. Penny’s cry for attention comes a bit too late, but perhaps not for the worst. What I adored about Halpern’s writing here was the opportunity she left for Lillian and Josh, both with their lives wide open before them. Don’t Stop Now is an absolutely joyful read with the bonus of a cross country road trip, definitely one for the summer reads list! Originally reviewed and copyrighted at Chick Lit Reviews.

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Louise Penny benim için yeni bir yazar. Hikayeyi ve Quebec'te ayarlanmış olmasından keyif aldım.

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