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Ronaldo (Blu-Ray Disc) eBook indir bedava

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Ronaldo (Blu-Ray Disc)


I wanted to like this since it is my first Sarah Dessen's book, but I was disappointed. To start with, I found it hard to like Ruby, I thought she was such an ungrateful brat. Also i felt that some characters were overly nice or one dimensional. I don't enjoy reading about middle/high school life these days, but this is a young adults fiction, so I can't fault it for that. I guess my main problem was that I found the story boring, predictable and flat. The chapters are so long. What I do like is the author's style of writing. She takes time to develop the characters in her book, even the dog! I think I would still try reading her other books, hopefully they are better.

2022-09-06 01:04


Add this spirited tale of courage to your list of historical fiction novels for tweens. The story might be a little old fashioned for the casual or reluctant reader, but it's still an engaging read based on real life events. I enjoyed the inspiring quotes and pictures throughout. I must admit, I was a little surprised at how quickly Manjiro picked up the language. What I liked best was how the author tried to remain neutral and show how both Japan and America had something to learn from each other. There was a clear message of the need for acceptance, which is still a great takeaway for modern times.

2020-08-18 14:20


o kadar iyi değil ......

2020-01-09 22:48

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