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** spoiler alert ** I am officially 'caught up' with the Wicked Years having finished A Lion Among Men (by Gregory Maguire) this past week - this is the third book in the series, and I am anticipating the fourth (Out of Oz) to be released in November. Most of the reviews expressed the dislike of this book (as well as its predecessor Son of a Witch) because they mainly gave background information rather than carrying the story further along following Wicked. I have to disagree. I'd say that this may have been my favorite (possibly because of the greater discretion this book produced as well as the loose ends it tied up concerning notable character, Yackle). While the book itself somewhat dragged, and I grew more and more frustrated by the Cowardly Lion, I felt that the ending carried the book (as many of Maguire's books tend to do), and in a sense it brought about some needed answers to a few of my "Why" questions. As many people have noted, this book served not so much as its own entity (even though I thought it was genius for Maguire to profile the Animal rather than the Scarecrow and/or Tin Man), but rather is a lead-up into the fourth and final book. Approached from that standpoint, this book served its purpose. When viewing the Cowardly Lion in the past, my heart felt badly for him. A creature filled with fear that could not stand for himself or others, who simply wanted to have some courage to stand up for what was right. Maguire's rendition completely changed this look for me. I found myself frustrated with the Lion, who always seemed to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and what subjected to the expectations of humanity. Never able to find the place in which he fit, he faked his way through life, until an unexpected occurrence caused him to flee, and head onto whatever was next in his path of life. This is itself was frustrating, simply because I grew annoyed by the expectations of this lion and his own feelings of entitlement coupled with ignorance; however, considering his background (losing his family to the very hunters that he befriended) I suppose it could cause anything a bit of insecurity. This perspective gave new insight to another major party in the Wicked Years, the Animals who were capable of living with human society but instead were segregated and treated poorly based on their class. I am still unsure as to why the Animals are targeted specifically - maybe that will be further explained in the final book, or I missed something in Wicked. And the story of Yackle - WOW! In a nutshell, a woman created from the very book that was being searched for, a book that had long been hidden with Fiyero's wife. Coincidence? Not. A glimpse, as well, into the story of Nor - Son of a Witch left me in the dark, wondering what ever became of Liir's half-sister Nor. Everything came full circle in this book - this is probably why I enjoyed it so much. A fascination that I have found with these books is how the characters that are highlighted (specifically Elphaba, Liir, the Cowardly Lion and Yackle) - each seems to be plagued from the beginning, always at the wrong place at the wrong time or judged based on the misconceptions of others, and forced to deal with such judgments. Each character has a choice - own the expectations of others or find comfort and security in who they are. I think that the only one who really did so throughout her entirety was Elphaba, whereas the other characters found such comfort at the conclusion of their book. The final book and the role of these characters will be interesting. I hope that Gregory Maguire notes the comments of his audience and takes the book to the next level. "{Brrr} hadn't yet had enough experience with humans to know that the thing they hold dearest to their hearts, the last thing they relinquish when all else is fading, is the consoling belief in the inferiority of others." ~ A Lion Among Men "One may, oh, cook poorly, or be socially graceless, or invest unwisely, or fail to achieve the best of personal hygiene. But one doesn't want to live wrong - from breath to breath, from start to finish, to get it wrong, so wrong, so fully wrong, that one has never had the glimmer of an idea that it might be better." ~ A Lion Among Men

2022-08-31 19:16


Okay, so Cormac isn't that bad. I enjoyed this read much, much more than The Road.

2020-12-14 16:59

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